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Formal Dress Program

Formal Dress Program provides affordable formal wear to families and individuals. This program accepts referrals from guidance counselors, social workers, case workers, homeless shelters, and certified officials. Depending on the situation of the family or the individual, the formal/business wear will be donated free of cost or sold at an affordable price. Each case is unique. This program relieves the financial burden from the family or individual and helps to reinforce their self-value.

Special Needs Program

Special needs program provides free donations to schools and other organizations for special needs students attending a special needs prom or formal.

Hygiene Vending Machine

Archie’s Promise works to provide schools in Rutherford County with a Hygiene Vending Machine. The vending machine includes the Feminine Hygiene Pack, Regular Hygiene Pack, Deodorant, Bar Soap, Snacks, travel-size shampoo/conditioner, and lotion. Items in the machine are available FREE to any student in need.